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The Twenty-four books of Esoteric Philosophy by Alice A. Bailey. 7. 24 BOOKS: The Consciousness of the Atom. Seven lectures given by Alice Bailey are brought together in this book of seven chapters under the headings: 1. The student may find it of use in the study of these sutras to compare the rendition here given, with the various other procurable translations. ALICE A. BAILEY.

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The entire subject of healing is as old as the ages themselves, and has ever been the subject of investigation and experiment. But as to the right use of the. Esoteric Psychology - a Treatise on the Seven Rays - Alice Bailey. Pages· · MB·1, Downloads. Twenty-Four Books of Esoteric Philosophy. Here you can download free Tibetan and Alice Bailey books, Foster Bailey books and a number of compilations in * PDF format (in the translation edition of.

The relation between the soul and the personality is consequently a higher aspect of the basic sex expression of the universe, and this relation is intended to bring about the appearance of a son of God as light in the world, enabling him to say, as did the Christ, that he is "the light of the world," and to fulfill the injunction, "let your light shine. By abstention from incontinence, energy is acquired. Incontinence is usually regarded as the dissipation of the vitality or the virility of the animal nature. This will bring about a refusal to besmirch the great love or sex impulse of nature. Dangers to the sex organs. The danger of the over-stimulation of these organs is well recognised theoretically, and I do not purpose to enlarge on it greatly today. I but seek to point out that this danger is very real.

There is the problem of our own particular life, whatever that may be; there is the problem of that which is largely termed the "Not-Self", and which concerns our physical body, our environment, our circumstances, and our life conditions; if we are of an introspective turn of mind, there is the problem of our particular set of emotions, and of the thoughts, desires, and instincts by which we control action.

Group problems are many; why should there be suffering, starvation, and pain? Why should the world as a whole be in the thrall of the direst poverty, of sickness, of discomfort? What is the purpose underlying all that we see around us, and what will be the outcome of world affairs, viewing them as a whole?

Alice Bailey Books

What is the destiny of the human race, what is its origin, and what is the key to its present condition? Is there more than this one life, and is the sole interest to be found in that which is apparent and material? Such queries pass through all our minds at various times, and have passed through the minds of thinkers right down through the centuries. There have been many attempts to reply to these questions, and as we study them, we find that the answers given fall into three main groups, and that three principal solutions are held out for the consideration of men.

These three solutions are:— First, Realism. Her books have also introduced shifts in emphasis as well as new doctrinal elements. Her books are in fact "rooted in the pseudo-theosophy pioneered by C.

This contrasts with the Theosophy of Blavatsky, he says, which emphasizes reliance on "the Christos principle within each person". These '"races" do not represent a national or physical type but a stage of evolution.

The problems of humanity - Alice Bailey (PDF)

For example, she states that the Aryan root race or '5th race' , is an "emerging new race" and so a relative new evolutionary phenomena. The term "Aryan" as used by her has a different meaning than a separative or racist use of the word. She stated that this newer type is forming in every land but primarily in lands where Caucasian peoples are found and indicates a culture where thought or intellect is dominant.

Bailey considered the Aryan race to be determined by a state of consciousness rather than by genetic or racial traits. She stated that as evolution proceeds, things are accelerated and humanity will soon be predominantly distinguished by the Aryan consciousness.

These "races" are a way of conceptualizing evolution as it occurs over vast prehistoric spans of time, and during which humanity developed body Lemurian , emotion Atlantean , and mind Aryan. She states that there is now being developed a "new race" with a spiritual dimension that expresses as "group qualities and consciousness and idealistic vision".

In her The Destiny of the Nations, Bailey described a process by which this "new race" will evolve, after which "very low grade human bodies will disappear, causing a general shift in the racial types toward a higher standard.

She believed that the influences of religions, philosophies, sciences, educational movements, and human culture in general are the result of this relationship.

Inter-marriage between nations and races, the fusion of bloods for hundreds of years—due to migration, travel, education and mental unity—has led to there being no really pure racial types today. This is far more certainly the case than the most enlightened think, if the long, long history of mankind is considered.

Sexual intercourse knows no impenetrable barriers, and people today have in them all the strains and the blood of all the races, and this as a result of the world war, — will be increasingly the case. This development is definitely a part of the divine plan, no matter how undesirable it may appear to those who idealize purity of relationship Something intended is being brought about and it cannot be avoided. Criticism of her ideas on races[ edit ] Bailey's ideas about race were criticized by Victor Shnirelman, a cultural anthropologist and ethnographer, who in a survey of modern Neopaganism in Russia, drew particular attention to " In Lubelsky's view, racists ideas were common to the whole "Theosophical family".

Yonassan Gershom and others have claimed that her writings contain racist material. We are given a glimpse in this book of the beauty of energy synthesis when all component parts work together according to their own ray combination and to the glory of the One.

The Consciousness of the Atom, Free PDF, ebook | Global Grey

The future will see right relationships, true communion, a sharing of all things At the centre of each of these two pictures is to be found the Christ. I How many would-be disciples are convinced of their worthiness to receive direct training from a Master of the Wisdom? How few are able to absorb the intense pressures of the experience and to profit from the opportunity!

Included in these two volumes of Discipleship in the New Age are the series of personal instructions given to a small group of chelas over a period of 15 years, with related teaching on a number of subjects. When the group effort was finally discontinued, the Tibetan Master remarked that while his purpose in establishing the group for Ashramic training had proved unsuccessful, the instructions and teaching given as a result of forming the group would prove of great and continuing value to increasing numbers of aspirants to discipleship; and certain important concepts were anchored in human consciousness through the group channel, including particularly vital fact of the reappearance of the Christ.

As the interplay between Hierarchy and humanity strengthens, many young disciples approaching the periphery of an Ashram are profiting from the experience of this group brought together for training by the Tibetan, and from the wealth of careful teaching and spiritual stimulation made avaflable to them.

The requirements facing a disciple in the new age are drastic and heavy; they involve as a first prerequisite, the need for personal decentralisation, the relinquishment of individual preferences and emphasis of every kind, and absorption into a group for service purposes.

Books on-line

The entire subject of group interplay is far deeper and more significant than you suspect or appreciate we are told. The development of group consciousness is a matter of often painful experience in selfforgetfulness, requiring also a sensitive response to the purpose and plan of the Master through some Hierarchically inspired area of work. The obvious and the subtle glamours and illusions which deceive the disciple and limit his consciousness, must be clearly identified, seen, known and transcended.


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