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    By default, most downloaded PDF files open in the Internet browser currently in the browser download PDF files automatically, rather than open in a new tab. Close the Settings tab and now any PDF should be opened in. Opening PDF file in new window or tab depends upon your call from HTML. if you and if opened, open to a new tab or the default application for pdf reading. 2 days ago Google Chrome, Firefox, Mircosoft Edge opening PDF's In A Tab, Change How Do I Switch Where My PDF's Are Being Opened/ Downloaded.

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    Open Ed Pdf In New Tab

    I want Okular opens pdf links in a new tab or better in a new window. the previous file: one window, one tab with the link opened, the original. Hi is there any option to set to opening another pdf document (1 is opened and i opening another one) in new window instead of opening in. With your PDF opened in one window of the browser, you will need to run the JavaScript to open hyperlinks in another window of the same.

    Find or download any PDF file, right click on it and click on Properties. Verify that the Acrobat Reader is the application that is being used to open PDF files as shown below: If a different application is showing, then click on Change to change default application this will show another screen make sure to select Adobe Acrobat Reader and click OK: Now open the start menu in Windows and type Associate in the search and click Change the file type associated with a file extension: A list will appear, look for the. If the problem is not resolved please continue with the next steps. Resetting your Firefox settings Before you start Before you continue make sure you have noted down your add-ons you use on firefox and also your extensions. Also if you have any other custom settings that you like to restore, then note them down.

    If the document opens in a new tab, then there's a risk that it might get blocked if the browser deems it to be a pop-up.

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    Also, if the user wants to view multiple documents, it could get a little annoying with all those extra tabs that will crowd the browser. Or else, the user will have to close every tab after she is done with it, which could also be tad bit cumbersome when compared to just hitting back on the current tab.

    I would normally avoid opening new windows on a user's machine depending on context but this is one situation where I think it's beneficial. PDFs can take a while to open so it can be handy to let this happen in another tab while keeping the original web page open and accessible. Even more important than this however is making it explicitly clear to the user that they are about to open an external file, rather than a normal web page.

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    Links to PDFs and other files should indicate the format and file size e. You should also avoid mixing links to downloadable documents within links to web pages, particularly within main navigation. You can only create new windows. It's up to the end user and their browser whether or not they open in a tab. It's up to the end user and their browser as to whether or not they open the PDF in the browser or download it. So, in conclusion, no, you should not create new browser windows for PDFs.

    It's a file. Let the user know it's a PDF file and let them handle it as they see fit. We use http: Little ago i think around one year before , the site allowed us to do "Right click" and "Save document as".

    We need to download the document and read it or refer it. Adding to the scenarios: They may not know when their browser is controlling a function. A method for forcing PDFs to open in a new window is practical for that audience. Just the two cents of my own experience: In consequence, I get frequently annoyed when a PDF opens in the same tab as the current page, because before conscious thinking has the time to kick in I just close the tab after reading - and with it also the page I just wanted to return to.

    You can use the Docs Preview Extension to preview all these documents in Chrome and it will stop this behaviour since the files will open in Chrome. Newer versions of Chrome does support embedded PDF viewing so a lot of this answer is obsolete. Go to about: To open up PDF's in Chrome automatically without it downloading first, you will need to reset the Chrome browser. Restart the machine and when the file is being opened, go to the bottom and click the Always open in Adobe Reader option.

    If the Always open doesn't show up on the bottom, make the window that pop-ups smaller so the bottom shows. The results are in! See what nearly 90, developers picked as their most loved, dreaded, and desired coding languages and more in the Developer Survey.

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    BinaryMisfit BinaryMisfit I don't want the file to open in chrome. That is the polar opposite of what I am asking.

    The issue is that, a blank page opens on downloading a PDF. I want the file to be downloaded, minus the blank tab I have to close. Updated my answer with a more detailed explanation.

    The short version however is you can't because of the way chrome handles the link. Opening this image in a new window allows user to focus on your content while the image is being loaded in the background. More experienced users are more likely to use shortcuts that are described below as well. There are three reasonable ways for opening links in new windows.

    Most users use the first option — not because it is the most efficient one, but because it is the most obvious one.

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    These options are implemented in all modern browsers; older browsers may have problems with the second and third options, though. If the link is opened in a new tab, the active window remains the same as it was before the click. If the link is opened in a new window, new window appears, and the new window becomes the active window.

    The link is automatically opened in a new tab. The active window remains the same as it was before the click. This shortcut can vary depending on the operating system and the browser implementation.

    The first option is definitely the most ineffective yet most popular one. It requires more clicks and more concentration, therefore more time and more cognitive load on the user. Most users seem to use the context-menu to open links in new tabs or windows.

    Image source. Consequently, if they want to open links in new windows they need to use the context-menu, with multiple clicks, switching the view back and forth again and again.

    Still, opening links in the same window by default is the lesser of two evils. But I can force visitors to stay on my site, right? Even if you enforce the external links to open in new windows users will find their way around to open the link on the same page if they want to: users can copy the link, paste it in the address bar and hit the return button; the link will be opened in the same window. Unfortunately, not every single browser allows users to do that.

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    However, modern browsers have this functionality implemented since years. Firefox enables its users to decide how the links designer has chosen to open in new windows should be opened. If you want your visitors to come back, assist them, guide them, help them, but never impose on their patience and willingness to browse on your site. Optimal solution In our opinion the most effective and user-friendly solution is to allow users to select how the links should be opened.